Howzit guys

I have a b18c GSR auto wiring loom that came with my GSR motor when I got it. I put the GSR motor into another car which is running off my 180i ECU and wiring loom.

I recently bought another project car that has no engine loom but happens to have a P72 ECU. The ECU seems to be plugged in as a normal 180i loom would but there are two loose wires coming from the ECU plugs which seem to be bridged which I'm not sure of...Anyways...I plan on running a b20vtec setup with the GSR ECU in this car.

What I would like to know is: can I use the GSR Auto engine loom with the GSR ECU to run my b20vtec setup? (since the loom is just laying there not being used)

The GSR wiring loom looks very similar to a 180i engine loom. The "big plugs" that plug in close to the shock top hats look very similar to the 180i plugs...however, there is an extra plug on the passenger side (on the engine side) which wont plug in anywhere...essentially what I'm asking is: what is the difference between the 180i and GSR auto engine loom and would I be able to just "plug and play" with the GSR auto loom in the EG. Would I need to run separate wires for the knock sensor and vtec wires?

Please help me