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Thread: 1999 Honda Civic SOHC with turbo parts and engine

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    1999 Honda Civic SOHC with turbo parts and engine

    Model: 1999 Civic 150i Spreeline (facelift)
    Colour: White
    Mileage: 161 000 km
    Area: Pretoria

    Im looking to sell this car with an upgraded engine, turbo parts and all spares as a complete package.

    The car currently has n fully built D16 turbo motor installed, but running normally aspirated. Ive done about 150km on the new engine just to run it in and check for leaks. Engine is not yet registered with the car.

    Specs of the engine:
    Jap import ZC SOHC engine (similar to our D16Y9)
    Wiseco 8.5CR 75.5mm pistons with 0.003" P2W clearance
    Eagle rods
    ARP head studs
    ACL Race bearings
    Gasflowed head
    1/2 nozzle (british thread) on sump for oil return line
    Custom upgraded clutch good for 300whp
    Original S40 gearbox
    Upgraded aluminium B series radiator (bought new)

    Wheels and suspension:
    17 Racing Hart wheels
    Skunk2 adjustable coilovers
    Michelin tyres (showing signs of old age)

    Turbo parts include:
    T3/T4 turbo bought from Mr Turbo (brand new)
    Big 3 thick intercooler (brand new)
    External wastegate (brand new)
    GReddy BOV (brand new)
    RC 550cc injectors (brand new)
    Blox sandwich coupler (brand new)
    Oil temp, oil pressure and boost gauges (brand new)
    D16 turbo exhaust manifold
    Various silicone bends and clamps (brand new)
    A box full of 90deg bends for making boost pipes / exhaust

    Spares include the following:
    Original complete D15Z4 engine
    S40 gearbox (condition unknown, came off a running car)
    D16 crank (older version with single oil holes)
    D16 and D15 intake manifolds
    D16 rods and pistons
    D16 injectors
    D16 alternator and distributor
    Rear brake pads
    Various other odds and ends

    The car has anti-hijack and a spare set of keys. I also still have the original service manual.

    The car is in overall good condition

    Price: R 64 500

    Contact: 072 241 3990 or PM on the forum

    IMG_0745 2.jpgIMG_0744 2.jpg

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    Good price bro...GLWS

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