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Thread: How did your user name come about ?

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    Something I made up, to sound Japanese-ish that stuck,

    koma from "Fuchikoma" or 'think tank' from Ghost in the Shell series
    Fuji as in Mount Fuji
    1995 EG6
    2002 DC5
    2016 FK2

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenbeaN View Post
    long story :)
    This one i want to hear
    "People are always saying about the talk and I talk and I talk and I talk, but guess f*cking what? I back it up, I back it up!" - Conor McGregor.

    Current : 12 Honda Civic Hatch 1.8 i-vtec
    Current : 99 Civic B20 Vtec
    Current : 99 Ballade Boosted B20 Vtec
    Current : 98 Prelude VTIR H22 (M)

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    Just liked the series...

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    I was on my 4th ek when I registered on the Forum, hence the name Tek4

    It used to be 187vtec, influence of Snoop and Dre back in the day....(187 is code for drive-by shooting)

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    Bought my 1st vtec last week. Used to be an Opel guy owning a corsa GSI with superboss motor, MSX management etc etc etc after which I opted for Corsa OPC with forged internals....Both cars gave me a huge headache and I kept hearing how reliable Honda motors are and decided ill take the jump but I dont know much about vtec though, hence the name "New2vtec"

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