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    New to forum

    Hi guys I am new to the honda scene and the forum so just want to intriduce myself

    just bought a 97 Honda Ballade EK 150i as a daily but looking to do some engine and styling upgrade if you guys can recommend who to go to and whats best to get it will be highy appreciated

    looking forward to some great info

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    What mods do you have in mind specifically?

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    Sup ...

    Your options performance wise are ...
    Boost... or B swap :)
    SOHC Vtec head swap can be done but you're talking R7k to R10k for 5kw.

    when you can boost for around R15k.

    Styling wise... that's easy .. what you got in mind and whats your budget like?

    you get various wings, lips, Grilles, Lips, Fog lights, Rims, Suspension.. which are all determined by your wallet and desired look
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    some mild engine mods IM and exhaust for now i think will be suffice maybe a branch or other head too what you think I still need it as a daily

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    Where you suggest I can go to have a look at the different upgrade options which mechanics so I can see what fits my pocket best

    all in all i want to spend 15-20k max

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