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Thread: Cape Town S2000 Owner - Hook up???

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    Cape Town S2000 Owner - Hook up???


    I've been noticing that everyone around the country has been having hook ups except Cape Town and I think we should organize one. I don't really know alot of s2k owners here as everyone keeps to there own but I think a proper s2k hookup would change that

    Is there anyone from Cape Town whose up for that??? Any suggestions on where and when? Maybe a breakfast run?

    Possibly some time soon while it's still summer.

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    I was in CT over December and saw 3 or 4 s2ks drive through the Kalk Bay Area. I felt like waving or hooting but it would have been pointless while driving a silly little rental. Must be a joy being a s2k owner in CT. Roof down, slow cruise over Chapmans at sunset - what could be better?!

    Get something going guys - its great hooking up with fellow S drivers.
    Dream are made of: Stock 2007 S2K / Stock 2007 Accord 2.4 Exec

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    lol you just had to hoot..I'm sure they would have hooted should have just come down with your s2k Yip this time of the year is perfect s2k weather, I'm hoping something does materialize and there is a hook up or breakfast run.

    I'm also trying to get all the s2k's in cape town to do a proper s2k photoshoot as well.

    Where all the Cape Town S2k Owners???

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    Yo Tahriq. I am definitly up for a brakfast run. I think a CT s2k meet is long overdue.

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    Lol, do you know any other s2k owners Justin? maybe you can pass on the message. Maybe some time next month..say the 8th or 9th February? or maybe later in the month?

    A hout bay/chapmans peak drive?

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    Hout bay is perfect. I dont know other s2k drivers but will ask my buddy cause he knows another guy with a silver s2k.

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    yo! i'm in if my car is not sold by then

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    Cool franchizeboy. I spoke to this other guy with the red s2k with white te37 rims. He said he is in as well. So we have four thus far.

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    Hi Guys can I suggest meeting in Sea Point (oppsite the circle) as theres a rather big parking area to display all the cars this also presents a good oppurtunity to take photos and then move from there to Hout Bay? Just a thought?

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    Good idea sulls

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