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Thread: 14.2 quarter mile b20

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    ah, Question here.

    14.2 doesnt sound that fast for NA @ the coast??

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    Will be quicker on a decent surface, and mbe with a different driver. Exit speed wasn't to bad though.
    These owes all battle there with what they have available to them, so mbe its not that bad. I went down to one of their events a few years ago, witnessed their illegal street race scene personally!! (Holy crap)...competed with a clients car/s aswell at the drag strip, and i must say its completely different to what we know here in SA. The venue needs alot of TLC to get times where they supposed to be imo. Its a very old neglected circuit racetrack that they use the straight for drags. Their events are public knowledge and highly anticipated in Maputo, and is subsequently well attended. It can only get better i guess. If im not mistaken there next event is somewhere in Oktober.
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