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Thread: Stiff Radiator hoses

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    Stiff Radiator hoses

    Recently both my radiator hoses have become stiff (pressure), ive replaced the radiator cap but its made no difference.

    The car hasnt over heated, and drives perfectly normal, no oil and water have mixed and it doesnt use coolant.

    The only thing I have noticed its not pulling or pushing coolant into the over flow tank.

    Could this be a stuck thermostat? or Any ideas as to what could be the cause?

    Its a b20 engine, thanks in advance!

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    I've noticed on the coolant reservoir neck there is two holes, I've removed and emptied the reservoir, I then closed the cap and tried blowing in it from the top and air escapes under the cap.

    Could this be the cause? Is the reservoir not supposed to be pressurized and not allow air to escape?

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    The hoses shouldbe stiff/hard when at operating temperature.... ( soft hoses indicate a leak or airpockets in the cooling system, which is wrong)
    The expansion tank is not a sealed unit. it has to breathe, hence the two holes.
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    Thanks for the reply Jx. What would be the cause that it's not pushing or pulling coolant from the reservoir though?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Balladevtec View Post
    Thanks for the reply Jx. What would be the cause that it's not pushing or pulling coolant from the reservoir though?
    how do you know that it isnt pushing or pulling coolant? the purpose of the reservoir is to accommodate your coolant when it expands from heat, then should get pulled back into the radiator as it cools down like a vacuum....leaving your exp tank level the same.

    if your coolant level in the radiator never drops and the expansion tank is remaining the same everytime you check then you have nothing to worry about.

    its when you start losing coolant that you have a problem....usually the cap is the first culprit, doesnt hold enough pressure and pushes out to the expansion bottle
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    I've been keeping an eye on the reservoir when the car heats up, usually when the car is warm the coolant would be above max and when it cools it returns to normal.

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